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I hope you enjoy and like our pictures,on the top is a picture of my siberian husky running through the dog park.Please post a comment so I can improve my website.

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Dog treats

ED | 08/30/2012

Thanks for the recipe, Do you have any simple recipes?

Re: Dog treats

Kimberly | 09/15/2012

Well we will be getting more easier recipes if you want.

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Website launched

08/16/2012 00:00
  Our website has been launched on 7/20/12. It has been recently updated on 8/14/12.  

Local Canine Friends

08/03/2012 18:46
Please send us a picture of your dog and a funny/intresting story so we can post it on our website,contact us at bluehusky813@gmail.com. I have posted more videos of my husky and here is a link you can go to see videos on youtube,youtube.com/Huskies or to view my channel go...

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07/27/2012 01:21
We have been updated and soon we will add more stuff so you can enjoy right now we have added one new dog treat recipe look for it in pets.  


07/26/2012 16:37
I like the name blue husky because I love huskies and I like when their eyes are blue.